Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beautiful Day Atop the Schlossberg.

It was a GORGEOUS day yesterday (Saturday), so we decided to do the Schlossberg again and try out the hip little restaurant up there. This time we took the steps for a little exercise.

The gardens up there are so pretty. A lot has bloomed in just a week or two.

People just loungin'..

Still had my pink eye, so had to wear my coke bottle glasses.

Since you never really get to see us...

Finally...a menu in German and English. Made my day.

Art's Beef Tartare

My saffron risotto with chicken and pumpkin seed oil.
Pumpkin seed oil is big over here and delicious!

Apple strudel dessert

Want one of these King Charles Spaniels SO BAD!

Our new apt. is just past the church.

Sorta weird tree.

This is the oldest, most famous bakery in Graz...since 1569!


Amy said...

what a great way to spend the day... i want to come visit!

The Lee Family said...

So glad you have a blog now! Looks like you all are getting settled there! I love your apt. Have fun and I'll keep checking in to see what fun places and things you are seeing/experiencing!! Adding you to my blog list :) on our blog :)

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