Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doner Kebap - Art's new Fave

They have 'kebap' places everywhere. It's Art's new favorite lunch. It's a pretty good 'sandwich' for a really good price. They are about the equivalent of $3.00.

I purposely didn't post a close-up of the doner kebap (rotating hunk of meat) because it might make some a little ill. They take a slicer and run it down the 'hunk' and that's your meat. You can get lamb or chicken. Then they put it in a delicious freshly baked pita (you can see them rolling the dough there) and add the regular sandwich trimmings with a yogurt dressing sauce. It's quite delish and a little spicey.


Amy said...

sounds good... minus the yogurt dressing!

R. said...

Kebaps are the BEST. They had mobile stands on every corner late night in Oxford. Almost as good as Waffly-House!

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