Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Second Week

The train at the Krenngasse Station...our stop.
Houston needs some of these...we haven't driven or been in a car in over a month and funny enough, we don't miss it. Peace out Houston traffic.

One of the stops on our everyday train ride...Herz Jesu Kirche.
It's huge! We have yet to attend Mass here..we've been 4 other places and this is closet to us.
This could end up being 'our' church.

These cigarette shops are everywhere. It's still cool to smoke here.
It's not fun to have smokey weird...some places don't even have smoking and non-smoking. They need to change that.

At our favorite pizza place, Salz und Pfeffer.

Still addicted to Diet Coke...Coke Light in Europe.

A church we stumbled upon looking for apartments.
It's 800 years old!

Gorgeous stained-glass windows.

Little Art next to the big door.

A classic combo...krapfen (marmalade filled pastry) with a latte.

Art ready for his big presentation to the biomechanics group.

Karl Franzens University...the main university here.
Art is at Graz University of Technology...completely separate.

The Jakominiplatz...main train station.


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