Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Moved Into Our New Apt!

On April 2nd, we moved into our new apartment. Yeah!
No more tiny bed and 450 square foot living.
Our new apartment is actually 2 blocks from our old, temporary digs, but MUCH betta!
They are building lots of modern looking, boxy apts, but we liked the classic Euro building style. You can't beat the tall ceilings, old ornate moldings and herringbone wood floors.

We are on the first floor...Those are our windows on the left side of building.
The main foyer of the building

Art at our front door.
(That is not our soccer ball mat, K?)

Our bedroom. (and some skiier with one boot in and one out)

Our bedroom...

Main hallway as you walk into house.
All 3 rooms are off to the left (and all connect to each other through doors)
Bathroom and water closet (toilet) are to the right.
Kitchen straight ahead.

The doorway to Art's office.
He wants to engrave "Dr. Valentín" on that glass. Ha.

Living room (looks just like the bedroom)

I love the little "WC" plaque.


R. said...


LOVE your new apartment. Precious! I am very jealy.

Love, Righton

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