Friday, April 10, 2009

Skype Lives Up to the Hype

What did people do before the days of Internet? Especially people that moved so far away from friends and family. They mailed letters that took a week or more to arrive. And there's something to be said for a good, hand-written letter from a loved one. But, I have to say...not much can compete with skyping with my two nieces...both who fight over the computer chair to talk to "Aunt Coco"...until the pancakes are ready and then they scurry and leave me in cyberspace dust.

Ceci read me two books, one which she wrote, and showed me how she could write my name in bubble letters. Ana told me about the egg hunt they were making for Baby Sam, my nephew who I got to see walk on Skype last week, and also explained to me how I couldn't come because I was "in there" (as she pointed to the computer screen) and then, to my amazement, said to her mother, "Coco can't come because she's in Austria". It made my day.

If you have a skype name, e-mail it to me. I love to skype it up. I can also make $.02 a minute regular calls to the U.S. thru Skype!


Amy said...

this is the best post yet!!! we also love skype... being able to see you and talk is so much better than a phone call. i know the girls enjoy it too. love and miss!

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