Friday, April 3, 2009

First Outing in Graz

View from the Main Square.

The famous Graz Clocktower.
(currently under construction)

The main street downtown.

Main street and Stadtpfarr Kirche (Church) in Graz (built in 1440).

A big European chain...Zara.

A shop of traditional "dress-up" attire. Very Germanic!

One of the many little alleyways with shops

The Rathaus (their City Hall) in the main city square called the Hauptplatz.
Art and I get many hot dogs and cheeseburgers for lunch from the little stands here.
Healthy eating here. :)

The Mur River that runs north & south through Graz.
I bet it's not so warm.

The tower of the Franciscan Monastery alongside the Mur.

The Kunsthaus
(A modern, crazy looking art gallery also known as "The Friendly Alien")


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