Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Familiarity

The other day I was feeling a little bit homesick, so what better to cure that than a nice trip to McDonald's.

A familiar scene...Exxon and McDonald's...except in Europe it's Esso.

The McDonald's here are much nicer on the inside...and come with a McCafe (a mini Starbucks wannabe)....oh so gourmet.
Except you gotta pay extra for ketchup...they serve fries with sour cream. Not ok.

And we also rent movies quite frequently...since we don't have TV. They have mostly American movies, of course. Except, sometimes, the titles are a little diff. See "Ich, du und der Andere" instead of "You, Me and Dupree". They just change ole Dupree's name as they see fit.


Amy said...

love the Mickey-Dees... so fancy shmancy. Ceci would be in heaven with sour cream and fries! Miss and love you sis.

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