Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Miss...We Don't Miss...We Love...

We Miss:
- Food gets its own section:
- Fajitas, queso & tortilla chips (anything mexican!) Cyclone's, Escalante's, Lupe's
- Lunch meat other than ham or wurst or schnitzel
- Cheeses other than different kinds of swiss
- Big grocery stores like HEB
- Fountain cokes
- Ice
- Avocados
- Softer breads
- Regular mustard (they only have dijon)
- Ranch dressing (or any dressing other than oil and vinegar or yoghurt)
- Ty
- People speaking English
- TV: HGTV, Brothers & Sisters & MadMen
- Nordstrom
- Target
- Mass in English
- Having a car (sometimes)
- American magazines
- A disposal in the sink!
- Internet and e-mail service on our iPhones
- Big trash cans (and not having to sort recycling to an absurd degree) sorry, i'm not so green
- Being able to read signs, menus, product labels and websites without Google Translate
- Walgreens or CVS
- Starbucks (there isn't really 'take-out' coffee here)
- My Almay eye makeup remover wipes (dumb thing to miss, but they're so wondey)

We Don't Miss:
- Houston traffic
- Humidity from hell
- Ikea (bc we have one and are there quite often)
- Paying for gas or insurance
- Hearing about the economy ad nauseam (Art prob. does though)
- USPS (the post office is fast and easy here!)

We Love Graz because of:
- It's history
- Our apartment
- The public transportation
- The perfect weather we have 90% of the time
- The culture
- The gorgeous churches
- The Eis (ice cream) everywhere
- Our proximity to so many great European cities
- The scenery
- The bakeries
- The fact that it makes us walk a lot
- The classic German looking neighborhoods
- All the dogs everywhere (Carolyn appreciates this most)


Amy said...

Loving the new illustration... nice work! I would definitely miss mexican food, Brothers & Sisters, and a sink disposal. We will have to take a few trips to Cyclone Anaya's when you come home!!! miss and love you sis!

Molly said...

No ranch? Not okay! And you're missing one tv show but that's ok haha. And I don't know if my life would go on without those makeup pads and an occasional Escalante's fix. Can't wait to see you in like 3 weeks!

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