Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Stuff I'm Lovin' Up

this in no way relates to 'life in graz', but just felt like sharing some things i find luscious.

this 'bandage' dress. Coral is my fave color. it's also spanx like so I would look just like this.

these dang cute sandals. I love white sandals in summer, but can't be havin' ones that cost as much as our couch.

i'll take one of these three modes of transportation:
{1} a stripey Vespa. kinda obnoxious...ok, i'll do turquoise.

{2} a red Mini Cooper...

{3} or most practical in Graz, a custom bike with a basket for my new dog(s) (see below).

this kitchen. i love the open shelves. i know, i know..always has to be neat, but I can be OCD.

and, not one, but two of these. Samoyed puppies. Pluffs of love.

Ok, if I could only pick one? I'd take the puppies in a heartbeat.


Molly said...

love it! i remember you showing me that bandage number almost a year ago and then mom and i tried them on in Austin and she looked better in it than i did.. not ok. and i def agree about the vespas.

Amy said...

mom and dad had 2 of those puppies pre-kids... i bet they were beauty... except when they ate up the sheetrock! i love that bandage dress too, but how uncomfy. please get a custom bike!

Emily said...

I LOVE that kitchen!!!!!!!

Angela said...

I think you should get a bike too! and then just put a stuffed dog in the back (less maintenance)

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