Friday, July 24, 2009


Today was quite a blogging day. Sorry it wasn't so clever, but you got a lot of pics! I'm just worn out. Art and I just went on a little exercise jaunt up the Schlossberg where we run up the steep steps fast and skip steps. Coco not as quick as Art even though I jog sometimes during the week and he NEVER does. (And have you seen his waistline? He eats about 4 ice creams a day in about 4 seconds each.) So unfair fo' me.

I am glad to be back with him for a couple of days, though. It's hard traveling and seeing beautiful places without your other half. And doing the hold-the-hand-out-take-your-own-photo-thing works best with my bunzo.



Kimberly said...

You guys are a cute couple! So glad you are having fun but taking a needed break from the travels. Can't wait to see more!

Beth said...

Loved catching up on the last 9 or so posts - all very entertaining and I love the pics. You and Art look great in this pic! Miss you dearly!

brookes said...

I LOVE ALL THE PICS and history! who knew you knew soooo much about tiny little European cities? You're a genuis!

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