Monday, July 27, 2009

Round Deux

Did I tell you Linds and I are staying in a 5 star hotel in prague for 4 nights? Thanks Lou.
I have heard that Prague is the most charming and beautiful city in Europe. I'm trying not to set my
expectations too high, but I think it might be marvelous. And I think I can easily adapt to their lingo.
Lindsey told me to meet her in the town square called Namesti Republiky. Republiky! Love it.


Emily said...

I love the fonts you used! You're so creative!!

Cathy McConn said...

So cute with the red suitcase! And I love Molly's blog heading, created by you. She knows the best when she sees it.

Amy said...

So jeally! You will have a wonderful time. Take lots and lots of pics. Miss and love you!!!

Lindsay said...

You'll love Prague! The buildings are gorgeous and the beer is not bad, either.

brookes said...

Praha is the GREATEST place ever!! I'm deeply in love with that city. seriously. Live it up!

Chris McConn said...


I am going to submit this entire site as an entry for the 2009 Bloggies.

It's quite entertaining and very polished. Miss you.

Jimmy said...

Cariel, looks like you are having a wunderbar time. I love reading this blog. Your's is the only blog i ever read. misuses...(that is Miss-You-Sis)

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