Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Trip to the Market

Graz has a great little farmers' market open mornings where farmers from around the area bring their self-produced goods into the city. Most of it is "bio" (pronounced bee-oh), or what we would call organic, and a lot of it is cheaper here than at the grocery stores. It's quite a visual and culinary delight.

Market View

Lots of people getting goods:
Market Aisle

Ty's heaven:

Styria's big seller: pumpkin seed oil:
Market Pumpkin

These cheeses were stinkin' it up
Market Cheese

Fresh lettuces and herbs:
Market Lettuce

And always some beauty blooms:
Market Flowers

We also walked around the Dom Kirche (main cathedral of Graz):
Dom Side

Dom Door

Dom Front

and then Art spotted a Vespa he liked

then we laughed at some really quite large blow-up Mozartkugels
Big Mozartkugels

and I thought I had seen an oversized postcard before, but not like these on display in the main square
Big Postcards

and on the way back home, I had to take a quick peek into the Marimekko store to check out their bold, colorful fabric collection


Amy said...

what a wonderful way to spend a saturday. looks like the temps are much better there than here. i wish we could go to a farmers' market... and the marimekko store!

Sarah said...

Lovin Marimekko fabs. I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas. I can't wait! By the time you get back, I should be an expert and will be able to sew us both new wardrobes.

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