Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bring Me Wondier Pics, ole Heavy Nikon

This has been sitting in Art's wardrobe {Europe doesn't provide closets} the whole time we've lived here, and with as many pics as I take {and as much spare that I have}, I decided it's high time I learn to use it. Art dabbled in photography in college and had a big hefty film camera and just 2 years ago bought this digital one to replace it. It's quite fancy and it scares me with its abundance of buttons.
I do like my little blue trusty digital...much easier to stick in my purse and carry around than the Nikon muthaload, but doesn't do some of the things I would like it to. {Mainly the make-stuff-fuzzy-in-the-background-but-focus-in-on-subject-in-the-front effect.} I even dropped Trusty Blue on some people's heads last night while we were over at Justine and Elmar's place and it still works great! We were sitting on their balcony and Justine was telling us how she doesn't really know her neighbors downstairs and only met them after spilling candle wax through the one tiny crack in their balcony onto their patio below. She baked them a whole thing of muffins the next day to apologize. I looked and said "that crack isn't even that did you manage to get it right in that spot?". Well, not 10 minutes later, Coco-after-too-much-wine, knocked her Trusty Blue on the balcony deck and it went right through the small crack onto the Deutsch neighbors below. Luckily, I think it hit the umbrella first which broke its fall and kept it in mint condition. I did hear a bunch of "scheissens" and other garble, but nobody hurt.

Ok, so point is...I still like my camera you got me for Christmas, Mom. I will learn to use the snazzer Nikon for special times {aka: when I feel like it's worth lugging around}.

I've already mastered my desired effect.
{although I'm not sure I could do it again if you reset the settings on me.}
I think I would like to see that vase clearly please:

Now, let's get a good look at that grape:

And, now, let's look at the wondey coffee concoctions I make for Art:

This saves us about 3 Euros and looks just as pretty. Coffee drinks ain't cheap here..that's about $4.20.
Doesn't the sprinkle of cinny make it so delecty?


brookes said...

that coffee looks good enough to swim in.

Amy said...

very nice photography 101... i am glad you are learning how to use the macdaddy camera. i expect some wondey skills on your next visit!

melissa said...

Wow that is a really cool camera and I can't believe we will get better pictures than we already have. You are really good with the camera so I can't wait for the new ones with the big mamma. Did you make that coffee yourself? Maybe you can go into the blogging coffee business.

Lindsay said...

Whoa! How do you make that coffee? I'm still stuck with drip at home since I broke my french press last week. I need tips!

Lindsey Lenig said...

these look good! impressed you have already mastered the only real thing you wanted to learn - ha! catching up on the blog....have been go, go, go since I got back from Europa.

Beth said...

Wow, I'm impressed...and hand over the recipe for that drink, k?

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