Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to blogs

Starting this blog {and having a sister that's a blog stalker too..I won't name names...I'll just say that she's blonde and has kids} has led to my own addiction with blogs. I have them all neatly organized in my Mail reader and wait for the little number 1 to show up beside them indicating a new post. I do this all while sipping on my other addick-shee...Coke Zero. It's kinda not ok.

I read mostly interior design blogs because they are wondey fascinating. It's like having all the design mags {most have shut shop in the past year} at your fingertips. {They charge 9 euros for American magazines over here...that's like $13!}. I also read friends' blogs and the famous

So, here are some of the blogs I stalk: {"blogstalker" is a real term in the blogosphere, K?}

Fly Through My Window: written by a mom of three really cute kids who is my age and lives in Alabama. She cooks, crafts, sews, takes great pics and blogs about it all. Totally Martha.

Urban Grace Interiors: Fly Through My Window's twin sister writes this blog about interior design. She owns her own design company in Florida and is having her first baby soon.

Cote de Texas: A Houston designer that lives in West U and writes really thorough, long posts showing a lot of good pictures of people's houses. She's famous in the blog world. And she's giving my blogstalker sister free advice on her own home decor-ing via e-mail.

Dooce: Named on the Forbes List of Most Influential Women in the Media, this girl supports her family {her husband can afford to stay at home too} off of her blog. She gets like 800 comments per post. That is insane. She is very canty, so beware. She's been blogging for a good 8 years or so. Her pictures are phenomenal and she writes very well. I laugh at a lot of her cantiness.

Ok, that's all I'm gonna tell you about cause I feel like a little bit of a freak.


melissa said...

Which one is your favorite? I have read Cote de Texas and think it is great. And no I do not think you are a freak just smart and getting free advice.

Amy said...

oh coco, you have outed me! ha ha ha. i guess it is better that we spread the word and get others addicted too. melissa, i love cote de texas... hers are the most thorough for sure!

The Lee Family said...

Loving your blog suggestions....cause you knows I likes me some good blogs!

The Lee Family said...

Oh, you should post all the blogs you follow on your can see which ones are updated from your blog (clear as mud?). There I go again, trying to tell people how to do their blog...LOL!

The Lee Family said...

Okay, one more post...I just noticed your Translator...that is funny! Remember when I asked you, "Who's Terry?" I'm so canty sometimes!!

The Redheaded Lefty said...

Wondey! FOR THE RECORD, I saw that video WEEKS ago and am most guilty of not mentioning it then so as to avoid comments like YOUR'S.

Hope Austria is super-wondey.

Kimberly said...

Ohhhh. I am so honored to have made the graphic! Thanks!!! BTW...I made your yummy greek wrap the other day. Scrummmmy! I tweaked it by coating one with a thin layer of hummus and the other with a thin layer of cream cheese.

Lindsey Lenig said...

like the i am singing that song.

R. said...


I have about 20 blogs I check every day. And I just discovered - you should have sent it to me! I know you are already married but do you visit or

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