Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've actually already posted pictures of our apartment here when it was completely bare {and still is for the
most part}, but I wanted to practice taking room shots with the wide angle lens {20mm}. You can't even really
tell I shot these with a fancy camera. oh well.

This is also a way for us to show you we have room for visitors! Come to Hotel Valentíno where you will get a
free glass of water every morning. Click here for a testimonial from a previous {and satisfied} guest.

{p.s. I realize that my apartment could use some TLC in the decor department, but I've had to restrain myself
and be good since it's not really worth decorating when we will be moving in 3 years and can't take most stuff
with us. I'm sorta proud of myself for my will power so let those white walls and bare rooms be a shining
display of triumph over crazed consumerism...until they get a Target here.}

Have to have a tub for the bath lady.
Can't miss the flush button.
Voila! Our sectional turns into a queen sized bed. I even have a 600 count sateen sheet and duvet for you.
old moldings add some character
an inside peek into the customizable ikea wardrobe...the pant hanger is my fave no doubt.
thank you for wisiting.


The Lee Family said...

You forgot to put a caption under the bedroom picture saying, "this is where all the magic happens!" I mean, this is your version of MTV Cribs, right?

1richtungsblog said...

Hi Carolyn!
Thank you for the house-tour & the comments! Love the molding & the 600 count sateen sheet! Where did you get it (Kastner or bed, bath & beyond)? We have to get together again? Would you be able to make it out here next week?
I have been so busy "vacationing" (well, with 3 little kids not really a vacation!) but we were out til late sometimes sitting in cafes - that is a treat!!! looking forward to hearing from you! :)
xo Anita

melissa said...

Why didn't we get to see your closet? Art's looked very organized.

Kimberly said...

Who's trying to steal my "magic" line? Ha ha.
Looks lovely. Less is more. I like.

Amy said...

very nice photos coco! i am totally restraining myself from coming over there with target bags in hand... good thing you are 1000s of miles away! :)

S.E.Minegar said...

your apartment is lovely.

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