Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comments are a Girl's Best Friend


Really! They are the fruit of my labor...my hard, hard labor. :) This is not a request for everyone
to comment, but more of a thank you to those who do. I read them all. Comments to bloggers
are like kids to the Jolie-Pitts (or the McConns for that matter)...you can never have enough.
They say that 1 out of every 100 readers comment! I think that's more for major blogs because
that would mean I would have zip every time. I took off the verify step to make commenting
much easier. Who wants to go through a series of "are you real or are you spammer?" crud when
you just want to say a little somesing?

(p.s. sorry about your fingers, Marilyn)


Amy said...

cracking up about her chopped off fingers... didn't even notice that at first. love your fancy illustrations... so very fun!

brookes said...

i'm laughing at the McConn-Jolie-Pitt joke. you're a funny lady!

Kimberly said...

ditto. comments make you warm and fuzzy when you are so far from home!

Kristen Rogers said...

Um where did you get your blog platform? Me lovey. We must dicsuss!!!

Emily Demmeck said...

My comment about the fonts is first - I'm famous!!! :)

Lisa said...

I've read every blog and never commented...I'm one of THOSE....

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