Monday, August 17, 2009

Dare I Complain?

Yes, I will. IT'S FREAKING HOT HERE!...and I'm melting.
I know you Houstonians and Charlestonians are thinking "she has no idea" and my iPhone is saying it's 88 degrees right now, but I have my reasons that it could possibly be worse for {poor} me:
  1. NO air conditioning {not in house, not in car, not in public transportation, not in most stores}
  2. Walking around outside directly in the sun
  3. Trams, I mean moving saunas, that are 15 degrees hotter than outside {with lots of people that don't believe in deodee}


Amy said...

yes, i can imagine that it would be pretty mizzy without A/C. Christine just visited Houston from San Diego and said she was so happy to be sleeping in a room with A/C! BUT... I don't feel that sorry for you sissy... we've been suffering this mizzy heat for months!

melissa said...

I have to agree with Amy. We went to Las Vegas with the fam and it was 100 there but when we arrived home and went outside it was only 90 and felt like you could not breath. So enjoy!!

Lindsay said...

Yes! Really hot here, too. And coming from Phoenix, I thought I could handle anything. Ugh. I'm ready for 60 degree temps.

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