Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greek Wraps


I've been trying to incorporate more veggies and fruits into our diet over here because being budget conscious can have you eating too much pasta and bread. {And that leads to larger buns and tighter least for me..not so much Art.)

So, I sorta came up with this for lunch today while perusing through what was in our fridge. I was gonna make a salad, but then thought Art would be more thrilled if it was all bundled into a tortilla. I know it's nothing all that great, but I was delighted at how delishy it was. And it's pretty and colorful which means you are getting a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants. And I love making new things for Art because he is always so excited and easy to please. He even said "When you feed me this good, it does sorta make me love you even more". Yes, we girls know. You men are not so complicated.

{I also wanted to do this so I could take another picture with the Nikon. See Bill, I can definitely help you with a cookbook!}

Here's my little recipe:
- Tortilla
- Lettuce {I used Vogerl...a common baby spinach type they have here}
- Tomatoes
- Yellow Bell Pepper
- Tiny bits of onion {we both love onion}
- Chopped Zucchini
- Feta
- Sprinkle of Garlic Powder
- Salt & Pepper
- Oil & Vinegar Dressing
{Bonus: all the veggies were fresh and organic (and cheap) from the farmer's market!}


Amy said...

wow, did you take that pic? it looks like it came out of Real Simple mag!! way to go Coco on your cooking and photography.

melissa said...

Looks delish and like I said you need to go into business. You keep adding what you can do so who knows what you are going to do.

Molly said...

you're making me hungry!

brookes said...

that pic is amazing! needless to say, so is the yummy wrap.

Kimberly said...

yum! Send more the coffee drink!

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