Friday, August 14, 2009

A Little Practice

Last night we brought the muthaload {Nikon camera} out with us on our walk. I have to say...this is a pretty nifty little gadget. We used the 50mm lens the whole time...great for taking pictures of people and up close things, but not really good for wide shots.
Our 'backyard'. It's really just for our landlords..the door to it is locked, but when they bring
the four english spaniels out there, I come to the window to talk to them and get them all
hyped up with my dolphin squeal.

"Come on, more working"
happy with my Eis

whoa...not such a big lick {with such a crazed face}

we ventured into a neighborhood we hadn't been to before

where they grow tomatoes for my greek wraps

lots of apples
and other crops...

see what I mean about how good the pictures of people are?




brookes said...

i'm loving your new hobby! i hope one of those tomatoes accidently fell off its branch and you accidently picked it up and took home and then accidently ate it. those look SO good.

Molly said...

you and makenna with your fancy cameras. if it wasn't so big i would be savin' up for one of those!

Kimberly said...

you're gettin good...girl! Now do you just keep it on the standard setting or are you really turning all the knobs and pushing all the buttons? I took a photography day class when I was 10 weeks pregnant and just spent the whole day eating my little snacks and not listening to anything. Regret.

Amy said...

laughing at kim's post! can you take pics of the girlies next time you are in town... you are a pro!!!

Carolyn said...

totally's the camera obviously....not me. no need to pay no photog. and kim, yes, there actually are some settings and a specific lens you have to have, but not too hard...after that, it's just button pushing and keeping my shakes to a minimum.

melissa said...

You are really good. Maybe by the time my kids get married you can be the photographer for their wedding. I wish I had that tomatoe bush in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Art sitting at the computer. The colors are very flattering. I need all pictures taken of me with that lens thank you ma'm. You and Ashley should comment on each other's blogs about camera lenses. She is ob-sessed and has some very fancy lenses.

Beth said...

You really are a great photographer - maybe that could be your new job in Austria!!?? Cracked up laughing at the comment before Art's ice cream pic...lovin' it.

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