Sunday, August 30, 2009

Six Months of Life in Graz

Friday was our six month marker. To celebrate, we went and had dessert and coffee up at the restaurant on top of the Schlossy. It was such a nice night.

Note: I know you are probably tired of seeing these pictures of us and I sorta feel narcissistic posting them and every mundane activity or thought that runs through my mind as if you are really that interested...but, this blog sorta serves as our scrapbook for our time here and I know I might be glad I have it later in life. So, please bear with me you canty bimby. Plus, I tend to remember things based on what I was wearing...normal for girls??... hopefully. Like, "Oh yeah, I remember that night... I was wearing my new ruffled collar top, white jeans and my brown wedges." I know it's sorta sad...but I have a really photographic memory and I tend to associate things with images, K?

So, we tried to take some pretty night pictures from the top of the Schloss, but as you can see...not so good. Shoulda lugged the muthaload with us.


I think it says "El Homo" on the Kunsthaus...?

As for our time in's really been great. Most of life here is normal, regular day-to-day living and not too, too different from living at home. I think people tend to glamorize living abroad and it's not always traveling, frolicking in the park, dining on gourmet cuisine or singing in the Alps. We are like any newly married couple adjusting to marriage, finances and the, the added stress of not knowing the language and me not having a job yet.

But...we do get to experience lots of things we wouldn't at home. We live in beautiful, new place and have gotten to travel and see some pretty wondey places and meet some great new people. It's opened up our minds beyond America {or even Texas} and our 'normal' ways of living. And my unemployment hasn't been all that bad. :) I've learned to cook more, I read more, I've discovered the world of blogging and it's been good to just de-stress for six months. And, Art loves his work, his colleagues and his advisor here. He is very motivated and enthusiastic about the research he is doing and the invaluable experience he is gaining here.

So, we are pretty happy and feel blessed to have this experience. That being said, there are days (not too often) when we really miss home, family and friends. Some days it just hits me and I wish I could go out with my friends or be at one of the family get-togethers or just go jog in Memorial Park or Tanglewood. I sometimes miss the feeling of a full, busy day at work too....seriously, I promise. But, such is life. Gotta take the little bads with the good.

So, enough of my sentimenty talk. I start school tomorrow! Got my outfit laid out and a backpack full of fresh school supplies....ha, not really. It's gonna be a long four hours early in the morn for me. Gotta get to bed and figure out my bus, not a big yellow bus...a city bus. Goodnight and good luck.


1richtungsblog said...

Hi Carolyn! Happy 6 month!;) Did u spot us from the Schlossy (as you call it :)? We were out and about in Graz on Friday night as well! All 7 of us. It was such a wonderful night with almost Texan temperature.
Viel SpaƟ in der Schule!
xo Anita

Kimberly said...

You said it very well! Can I cut and paste your post for my blog..change Art to Marc and superimpose Chloe? :) Happy 6 months! We had 6 months on the 18th! Def. less and less homesick but yes, it does sneak up on you sometimes!

melissa said...

I Love seeing your pictures and please keep posting them. Happy 6 months!!!

brookes said...

heck yeah, keep posting self-pics! we love 'em! hope the kids at school didn't beat up on you at dodge ball time.

Carol said...

I miss you too! You don't have to go back to work for us to have lunch together again in Houston! But I LOVE reading your seem so happy and it makes me laugh!!! Keep doing what your won't regret it! You are having an awesome experience and you are doing amazing things with it!!! Never knew you were so creative and artistic! Or maybe Austria and marriage are bringing out these characteristics?! :)

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